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Jig Fixture Parts 0 0
Jig Fixture Parts
tem name:
EDM parts , precision surface grinding machine customized
copper, aluminum, stainless steel , urethane, bakelite, nylon, plastic, tungsten steel, iron, hard metal, steel alloy and various types of steel
processing method:
OEM/ODM/ manufacturing follow clients' drawings
processing  machine:
EDM machines, CNC milling machines , CNC lathe machines , grinding machines ,wire-electrode cutting , Polishing grinding machines, ultrasonic wave cleaners, bending machines, inside and outside round grinding machines and so on
surface treatment /finish:
passivation, chrome, nickel-plating, gold, plated, black, hard-chrome plating, galvanized, silver, teflon, electrophoresis, zirconium nitride, true nature of oxidation ,colored oxidation, hard anodized, nickel and so on
test equipents/tools:
the second element, height gauge, hardness tester, 00 alloy block gauge, needle gauge, thread gauge, ring gauge, dial gauge, projector and so on.
EquipmentModelMachining AccuracyQty
Machining Center1080±0.003 mm3
Machining Center1080±0.002 mm2
Machining Center600±0.002 mm2
EDM230±0.002 mm3
WEDMAQ360L±0.002 mm1
WEDMAQ560L±0.002 mm1
Optics Curve Grinding Machine
±0.001 mm2
Grinding MachineHF-618S±0.001 mm8
The Floods Grinding Machine84EN±0.003 mm2
Surface grinding machine614±0.001 mm2
Milling Machine
±0.02 mm5
Fast wire CNC wire cutting Machine550±0.05 mm4
Three Coordinates DetectorG2 776 RDS±0.002 mm1
Two Dimensional AltimeterMITUTOYO±0.002 mm1
Tool MicroscopeMITUTOYO±0.002 mm2
ProjectorCPJ-3015Z±0.001 mm4
Cutting Plotter
AltimeterMITUTOYO D-F150±0.001 mm6
AltimeterMITUTOYO D-F150±0.001 mm4
CallipersMITUTOYO±0.01  mm10
Digital display instrument50-100±0.001 mm6
Slip gauge108Level 04
Compass95Level 04
1. What do you need to provide a quote?
Please kindly send us the drawing of your product. Details below should be included,
A.Materials B. Surface Finish C. Tolerance D. Quantity
(Please be noted that these are essential for our quoting. We couldn’t quote the specific price without any of them.)
2. How does the payment process work?
Payment terms are flexible for us in accordance with specific conditions. Generally we advise 70%TT deposit, balance be paid before shipment.
3. How do I know about the production?
We will double confirm your requirements and send you the sample before the mass production. During the mass production, we will keep you informed of any progress. Besides, we will do 100% quality inspection before shipment.
4. How do I know about the delivery?
We will inform you of the tracking number once we get it from shipping agent. Also we will keep updating the latest shipping information for you.
5. What will you do for after sales?
When our metal parts apply to your products, we will follow up and await your feedback. Any question related to our metal parts, our experienced engineers are ready to help.Jig Fixture Parts

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