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Rotary CNC Router manufacturers
1200 Cylinder Engraving Rotary Cnc Router Machine
1200 Cylinder Engraving Rotary Cnc Router Machine is used exclusively for engraving figures, letters, emboss on column or conoid workpieces and materials such as aluminum, steel, Plastic and wood.
Technical Data
X Y Working Area: 1200mm*2000mm
Z Working Area: >120mm
Table Size: 1440mm*3000mm
Max. Speed: 8m/min
Max. Working Speed : 6m/min
Working Delicacy: 0.01mm
Repositioning Accuracy: 0.05mm
Feeding Height: 120mm
Command Code: G Code*. U00*. Mmg*. Plt
Working Software: Windows98/2000/XP
Power (not including spindle): 1500W
Working Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Spindle Power: 2.2kw
Spindle Running Speed: 0-24000rpm
Motor: Stepper
Product overview:
This series of Rotary Cnc Router Machine is used for three-dimensional cylinder engraving. The configuration can be changed according to the materials. The ordinary serie can also engrave cylinder by adding rotary axises.
Products features:
1) QL-1200 Cylinder Engraving Machine (CNC Router) Can be customized to meet the different needs of customers.
2) Two-way directional guides, high positioning accuracy.
3) 2.2KW frequency of water-cooled spindle power and great. Long life.
4) 360 degree cylinder engraving expands the application of CNC router and satisfies the demands in furniture and gift making industries.
5) Cylinder materials is fixed by three holders; Force is exerted uniformly and effectively; Center is positioned accurately, so that the working accuracy is guaranteed.
6) The diameter and length can be customized.
7) Bi-directional orientation guides provide high positioning accuracy.
8) Restoring function enables the machine continue to work after sudden stop,such as accident tool breaking.
Cylinder engraving for stone, wood and metal, or three-dimensional engraving
Welcome your inquiry and to be our agents, hoping having a good cooperation.
Technical specification
Working area (X*Y*Z,mm)1200*0*f200customization is available
Machine structureSteel structure lathe bed
Working holdingBy chuck
Overall dimension1750*700*1750
Position accuracy(mm)0.02
Lding speed (mm/min)6000
Working speed(mm/min)4500
Spindle 2.2KW,water-cooling
Air cooling(0-18000rpm),multi-head,specified power
Available tools(mm) f3.175~f12.7
Automatic tool changer
Drive system    Stepper motorsServo motors
Working voltage AC380V±30V,50HZ
Command code G Code(*.nc,*.mmg,*.u00,etc),*.eng
Control systemNcStudio systemDSP Hand-held
Compatible softwareWindow98/XP/7 G codeRotary CNC Router manufacturers

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